How to Check Your Legal Status in Bahrain by Sending SMS to LMRA

The guide is for those expatriates who were conscious about their legal status in Bahrain, they want  to know if they are allowed to remain in Bahrain or not or they have some type of obligations. Sometimes most run away employees from Bahrain want to know that if they could visit again Bahrain for work. Individuals like visa over-stayers who don’t go back to their home after their visa expires also want to check their legal status in Bahrain. Also those who didn’t renew their Bahrain ID in my opinion must check their status in Bahrain.

The lmra bahrain also provides Fitness record of expat living in Bahrain it can be check Online using.

Bahrain Labour Market Regularity Authority Provides effective and easy ways to get various governmental services according to Bahrain Lmra Anyone living as an expat worker in Bahrain could check his legal status by Send his CPR Number of 9 digit to number which is different for every Sim network.

Send the following sms format to the numbers below of visa, Batelco and Zain.

SMS FORMAT: CPR 123456789.