Saudi Domestic Workers Conditions to Transfer Iqama

Iqama transfer to New Employer for Domestic worker is really a difficult procedure, most of these are maids and house drivers. Domestic worker were not allowed to transfer their Iqama to new sponsor or Kafeel in Saudi Arabia, even they get a new job. But current wave of abuse on domestic workers make Saudi Authorities to allow transfer to new iqama, in case they were facing below mention instances.

This decision come after one from 13 cases in which worker is allowed to transfer to new employer. The abuse on domestic workers by his kafeel or his relatives enable the worker to transfer iqama  labour and social development minister has said.

The conditions list could regulate the Saudi labor market and gives domestic workers free hand to work again in case they face problems while doing job with first employer.  Saudi daily Al Eqtisadiya reported.

1.  The Domestic Worker Maids, Helpers, house drivers moves to new employer if he/she did not receive salary for three months or for any of three months in their career.

2. If helper is not given accommodation by employer within 15 days of his arrival.

3. Domestic helper also transfer his kafeel if he did not get his residence permit(iqama) within 1 month of his arrival to saudi.

4. In case worker iqama is not renewed for 30 days of its expiry.

5. Domestic worker could only work for his employer stated on iqama. If his kafeel leases his work to another people with his knowledge.

6. Employing workers on hazardous, risky or dangerous work.

7. If worker want to complain about his sponsor and employer tries to postpone his complaint, provided that helper did not create the problem by himself.

8. If employer give false report that his worker is absconded.

9. The ministry said, In case the worker is on huroob and employer did available during the court hearing  than helper entitle to transfer to a new employer,

More ever kafeel could has right to take helper on probation period for 15 days, if agreed the employer could than hire the worker or also give him salary during probation period.

If worker is to transfer to other kafeel than his current employer must give him transfer fee.

In case a female worker is changing his employer than his employer should pay the fee for accommodation during that transfer.