Check Bahrain Traffic Violation Fines Online From CPR

Bahraini Government facilitates its Bahraini Residents and Expatriates with various useful government related service. Bahraini Residents could now get inquiries for various traffic and driving related services Online. General Directorate of Traffic Service integrated all driver’s details of residents with Online E-services from where you can check your Vehicle Traffic Violation as well as pay the fine of violation. Checking of Fine against your CPR card or vehicle number does not requires any registration with bahrain portal but some other services like renewal of Driving license requires you to register with E-Key Account.

How to Check Bahrain Traffic Violations Fines Online

The procedure is simple and you just need good internet connect and your personal identification number(CPR) to check fine and pay violation using your credit card.

  1. Go to the official E-Services Website (Enter in Address Bar) or go to this link. If the language is Arabic change it form top right corner of portal.
  2. Ones the website is open you clearly see some major online services, showing in a block. Move towards the third part and Click on “Payment of Traffic Contraventions”.
  3. After that you are redirected to General Directorate of Traffic Services View and Pay fine Portal here you need to enter either your “Commercial Registration Number” or “Personal Number”.
  4. Fill all the fields, and in “View Contraventions for” Select specific Vehicle to check fines against if you have your own Private Vehicle otherwise just select “All Owned Vehicle”. See the Screenshot below for more clear view.

Traffic violations can also be settle down using this service for this you need Online banking account. You can also Download Bahrain Traffic service Android Application and Check the fine using your mobile.

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