Check Oman Traffics Offences and fines

Oman traffic fines payment

Royal Omani Polices(ROP) online services is a main source of many Omani visa inquiries and traffic offences related issues. On my previous post related to Oman was Check Visa status of Oman which was also checked on Royal Omani Police e-services website today we will find out how to check the violation and offences commit by Omani residents in Oman roads. The process of traffic inquiry is simple and after the submitting of violation details you will be able to see how much the fine was imposed on you by Royal Omani Police. provides to options whether you want to view fines that were imposed on particular vehicle or if you want to check traffic offence imposed on any Omani resident expat or company.

How to Check Traffic Offences and fines in Oman:

  1. Go to the inquiry page of
  2. If you want to view the fines on a Particular vehicle than enter vehicle number with characters of vehicle registration number.check traffic payments oman
  3. For offence inquiry for person or company by entering either driving license number or Visa number of Vehicle owner.
  4. At the end click on inquiry to view your Traffic fines.

For those who holds company license may see more than one violations but rop shows only 50 violation you have to clear the violations to see another.
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