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How to Check Oman Visa Status by Passport Number

Royal Police of Sultanate of Oman online services enhanced their system so that anyone can create enquiry about their Oman visa status online. Most of the gulf countries are now follows these advancement of internet and provide many of their visa/passport enquiry service online such as anyone can check Saudi Arabia and Dubai Visa status online just with few important numbers. To get check your Omani visa status you must have valid application number with passport number. If you apply your visa online through Royal Omani Police Website than you must have to enter web application number.

What is the procedure to Check Oman Visa Status Online?

  1. Go to http://www.rop.gov.om/ which is official website of Royal Omani Police.
  2. Now click on Online Services located at left side bar.
  3. From drop down list select Visa Application Status.
  4. Then new page will be open having title Online Visa Application Enquiry. Enter Passport Number.Oman visa status online check
  5. Here you clearly see the note which says that those who submit application manually have to put their Application no. while those who submit through Online using rop.gov.om have to enter web application number.

At the end click on Submit Button If you entered all data correct than all of required information will be given to you. Any correction or confusion must tell us using comment section below. The Online inquiry service is beneficial for newly visa applicants as this can allow them to check their visa is original or a Fake.

  • Akintomide Opeyemi

    please confirm my work visa if it’s valid or not, my visa number is 7081721/16 and my passport number is A07311669

    • Khurram Shahzad

      See omani visa stamp in your passport and check expiry date

    • Blessing Sam

      I also apply but haven’t heard anything yet,
      Please Akintomide reach me on +234 816 6719 109 for whatsapp or call…please
      I also applied for Oman Visa, but need some information to know more, abeg enlighten me Mr Akintomide

  • Zeeshan

    Assalamu alaikum Sir.i got oman visa but it has silly mistake in my pasport no.so who much time it wil take to corect it. Only 1 digit.it 8 witten 7 thats it.

  • Bradoo

    Good morning everybody.
    I got an Oman visa through an agent, it require me to pay so before send him money somebody can help me to check that visa ?
    The visa number is 709865/45 and my passport number is 0048719.

    • Khurram Shahzad

      Only online application status were shown on ROP website…If your agent apply online ask him for web Application number

  • Mohammed altaf hossain

    please confirm my work visa if it’s valid or not, my visa number is 726516/76 and my passport number is BA0470779

  • please confirm my work visa if it is valid or not, my visa number is 718982/14, passport number is A05670977. please explain to me my visa status & validity


  • MD sadiq ali

    I want to Oman market regarding bussiness purpose

  • I have applied for Oman visa but I cannot check please help me my passport number is BU3703991

    • Editorial Team

      ROP visa application status system is currently down

  • Marc

    Please I use the official website to check my visa but its tells me that either the web application number or passport number is invalid .but when I use the website the agent sent me to check all information come out perfectly. The agent website he gave me is ropvisa.com.and he said its the commercial site for checking …I am to pay for this visa but I don’t know if its a scam.few people are just warning me to be careful because there are many frauds going on with oman visas
    Please help me

    • Editorial Team

      If ROP site doesn’t accepting Two possibilities
      First the visa may fraud
      Second Rop might not update your info on website
      CheckROP daily for few days
      That what i can say
      if you still didn’t verify Contact ROP and ask them for visa verification

      • Editorial Team

        And also use only one option web application number or passport number don’t try both at time

      • Editorial Team

        Also ropvisa.com website is copied and Clearly Looks Scam don’t Trust that website given by your agent

  • Olugbodi Florin Biba Yusuf

    Hello, I want to inquire about how I can know my Visa web application number

  • Sami Uddin

    I have applied online through their website. Now, what is the next step I should take?
    How to pay the fee and get visa?