Zain KSA VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling

wifi calling service of ZAIN KSA

Zain KSA with apple starts VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling service which allow subscribers of Zain to get and send calls and SMS over a Wi-Fi connection. The service is currently online available for Iphone users having iOS 9.2 which means those who posses iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone SE with Zain SIM connection will be able to call someone using their Wi-Fi connection.

wifi calling service of ZAIN KSA

VoLTE give multi options for our subscribers as this service provide more smooth calling experience Zain holds 168 cities of Saudi Arabia with his LTE coverage said by Sultan Abdulaziz A-Deghaither, chief technology officer at Zain KSA.

Morever Al-Deghaither added: that around the world only 11 countries operation VoLTE  Services and there no any other company in Saudi Arabia These type of services. This option provide more faster call dialing, as it is multi purpose users still be able to use LTE services background of VoLTE service.

Also Zain KSA is working hard to complete with other telecom operator that is way they rapidly expanding its advance technological services like 4G lte around the Kingdom, ZAIN KSA aims to cover 90 percent of Saudi Arabia with their 4G LTE services. As Saudis are one of the most digitally engaged nations with huge amount of expatriates also provide telecom companies more competitive environment.

Zain WiFi calling Service allow customers to send and receive calls and SMS anywhere in the world at local rates this service available on select postpaid packages only. For more information About ZAIN KSA Wi-Fi calling service must visit their official website