Work Visit Visa for Saudi Arabia from India

work visa saudi arabia

On of my friend in Jeddah is from India is here on work visit visa and he share the process of getting work visit visa for Saudi Arabia if you’re Indian Citizen. Today I am sharing the whole information he give to me I hope you all find help from this information. So first what is this visa? Visit Work Visa in certain countries call freedom visa as it allows anyone to enter in Saudi Arabia and find employment if the person find a job according to his profession get back to his country and come again on permanent visa which allows him to get Iqama in Saudi Arabia. Hence in lot of ways if person get a job this visa is really comes to beneficial for him. Usually sponsors for this visa are hiring companies or manpower companies who give this visa and charge them but people try to find another job which better then previous. Hope you understand. Also as this visa expires after 90 days employee don’t need to stuck with sponsor, if you gets a better job go back to your country and come again under new sponsor with better job. Most worker get this visa so that they achieve some experience in Gulf country.

How to Get Family Visit Visa from Saudi Arabia Online

Lets see How An Indian Citizen Could Get this Visa:

You need Invitation letter from Saudi Embassy in India which is duly attested by Saudi Chamber of Commerce which is approved by MOFA KSA.

You need a job contract of having duration equal to Visit Work Visa which is 90 days. This contract is signed by sponsor and stamped from chamber of commerce where sponsor is registered.

Original degree duly attested by concerned authorities in India.

Experience certificate showing maximum 2 years experience in Relevant field must be attested from Chamber of Commerce in India, if you get this certificate from outside of India than it is directly attested form Saudi Embassy in India

Blank space in your Passport and the passport is must be valid for atleast six months with two passport size photos.