Maximum Cash Limit at Airport in Saudi Arabia

Almost every expat in Saudi Arabia send remittances and money regularly to their Home country do this they may usually uses money transfer services or other such services. Wages are usually paid in Riyal in order to convert them to currency of your home country conversion charges would also be applied. But to avoid these different types of charges, taxes and conversion expat sometime give the money to any of his fellow which is going to home country and he give this money to his friends family. But what if your money limit is not ordinary it is may be more than 1000 to 2000 riyals than you must have to get the information about money carrying limit set By General Authority for Civil Aviation of Saudi Arabian.

If your amount is somehow greater than limit than you must have to declare that amount at immigration department also you have to bring all proves that this money is belong to you and it not a Black Money such as your bank statement or receipts.

So how much amount you bring at airport and travel? Itmust be notice that every country has different currency carrying limit. Many countries allows more money to take out from their country also the amount is usually limited to preserve exchange rate of currency. One of the most widely used currency is united states dollar as dollar has good exchange rate it is allow more to carry along with yourself during Travel.

Carrying Cash more than SR 60,000 can lead to Jail

But the Maximum Cash Limit at Airport in Saudi Arabia which is set by General Authority for Civil Aviation of Saudi Arabian is 60,000 SAR which does not include US dollar, pounds or any other currency. This limit is only applied to Saudi Riyal.

So what to do if you carry more than 60,000 Riyals, in this case GACA orders all Airlines to make it mandatory for all passenger that they must show and declare that they want to carry precious jewelry, metals, precious stones or cash more than 60,000 Riyals with them. If he/she buy these precious thing from Saudi Arabia than he/she must have to give receipts of respective materials.

This rule is not only applied to Airport but also for those who travel through land or Ship. Saudi Customs given currency declaration form on their official website which you could fill out to declare the amount carrying more than 60,000 riyals.