Minimum Wage of Domestic Worker in Kuwait

Kuwait is now become first Gulf country who regulates wage of Domestic Workers. Now despite Kuwait every gulf country have not any type of domestic worker legislation for their wages. Kuwait set a new pioneering step to push other gulf countries, to avoid considering domestic workers as slave and give them valid rights of labor like all other labors.kuwait minimum wages domestic worker

The notice which was published on MOI kuwait website which states that  MOI minister Mohammad Al-Khaled Al-Sabah yesterday issued a decision setting 60 Kuwaiti Dinar(200$) as minimum monthly wage for domestic worker in kuwait, it is first step in Kuwait as well as in Gulf.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) and other groups alerts

Widespread abuses Such as  non-payment of wages, long working hours with no rest days, physical and sexual assault, and no clear channels for redress. Many of these issues arise due to Kafala system which is a major thing allows employers to consider maids as slave.

These major legislation steps were taken in this decree passes through parliament

Employer must have to pay overtime

Maids and other domestic workers must be given with weekly leave

Annual leave which is 30 days

Timming of work not increased after 12 hours

End of service benefits were also given to domestic workers in case of contract termination equal to salary of one month for each year

Although these laws were really reduce the number of human rights issues in Kuwait but still the major thing to discuss is how legal authorities implement these laws.

Source: Al Jazeera