What Does ECR and ECNR Stands for in Indian Passports?

Holders of Indian passports might seen an Abbreviations ECR and ECNR usually in the form of Stamp. These abbreviation are complex for general public and show some mandatory thing to be done while travelling to any other country.

ECR and ECNR in Indian Passports is same kind of problems for those who didn’t know about these terms. The status of ECR and ECNR has major effect on expatriate employment due to which many NRI and Expatriates rely on Travel Agents for ECR/ECNR issue.

However those who understand the term clearly may feel easy and they don’t need any external hand for solving the issues regarding these terms.

Understanding Emigration Clearance:

Emigration means to move or just migrate any other countries for any reason like in crises or for employment. While those who visit any other country for work is called Emigrant and in crises the person is called refugee.

According to Act of Emigration 1983 of India it mandatory for some categories of Indian Passport holder to pass through Emigration Clearance from POE office for going to specific countries.

What are ECR and ECNR?

There are two stamps you might seen one is ECR(Emigration Check Required) while second one is ECNR(Emigration Check Not Required)

If Passport holder is Metric Pass(10th class pass)his default status is ECNR Category.

While those who doesn’t have Metric Class certificate or 10th class pass they will be under ECR Category.

For ECR category, one stamp will be inside your passport and Emigration Check Required written there.

How to Check ECR is Required if not mention on Passport:

Indian passports issued before January 2007 than no stamp on passport means ECR

While if the Passport issued after January 2007 than no stamp on passport means ECNR.

In present all passports issued by default ECNR. So its means if you don’t see above stamp on your Passport they you have Status of ECNR.

Why ECR:

Foreign Specific Countries require Emigration Check Required to safeguard Indian citizens the stamp assures that it in compliance of International laws.

These Countries Required ECR:

Usually when you travel to these countries you require ECR if you didn’t pass 10th class

  • Afghanistan
  • Bahrain
  • Brunei
  • Kuwait
  • Indonesia
  • Iraq
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Malaysia
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia KSA
  • Thailand
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Yemen

Any other country other than this list don’t require ECR status even if it is stated on Passport.

Some Professions doesn’t Require ECR status at all

Profession and Categories didn’t require any ECR while travelling to above countries

  1. Diplomatic/Official Passport Holders
  2. Tax Payers(Paying Tax for last 3 years with evidence)
  3. Seamen CDC Sea Cadets
  4. Desk Cadets with Nautical Science Degree 3 years
  5. Individuals with Permanent Immigration Visa UK, USA or Australia
  6. NCVT/SCVT 2 years diploma holders
  7. Nurses
  8. Passport Holders having age more than 50 years
  9. Individual having experience of staying in foreign countries more than 3 years
  10. Children Below 18 years
  11. 4th or 2nd Category Spouses or Kids (Max age 24 years)

How to Remove ECR from Passport:

Those who were under above categories or may be going to above profession they can change their Status to ECNR or any other person who is now qualified to change his Status. For this Indian citizens required to get New Fresh Passport.

Emigration Grant:

Those who didn’t want to get new passport may apply for POE Emigration grant which is limited period validity usually six months. It is only applicable on some categories of Skilled workers. This require employment visa and done through any agent.

What about Tourist or Visit Visa or other:

If the intention of visit foreign country is not employment, the person can apply to suspend its ECR status for specific country this can be done through Protector of Immigration(POE). Persiod of stay clearly mentioned only valid for single trip.

Procedure of ECR suspension:

  • Application form
  • Fee of 400 RS with passport and Visa copy
  • Return tickets copy
  • Sponsor letter/Declaration attested by Indian Consulate for gulf countries
  • FTS for countries other than gulf
  • Proof of Address.

Obtaining Emergency ECNR:

It is possible to get ECNR status in case of Emergency on International airport Immigration department:

Emergency ECNR can be obtained during following emergency situations:

  • ¬†MLAs, MPs, VUPS, Ministers with family member accompanying the state centeral officers travel with ECNR passport or legally acceptable official/diplomatic passport along with family members
  • Student visiting foreign countries with purpose of studying.(Must be given with Evidence)
  • Persons visiting other countries to collect dead body of his relative or Family member,
  • Individuals visiting country for medical purpose
  • Sportsmen with approval of Ministry of youth affairs and sports.