Indian Airports Custom Duty on LCD/LED Carrying as Baggage

Custom Duties on LCD LED 40 inch 32 inch are most complex when you don’t know about them. Usually Custom Rates were subject of discussion for Traders for normal people it is not easy to understand. One of the complexity is Carrying LCD/LED in your Baggage and than getting them through Indian Airport. People usually don’t know about the custom duties on Such Items and bring them in to Airport where they come to know that they have to Pay heavy Custom duties. The matter become more complex as there is separate duties for different TV Brands.

There is very few information is available regarding this matter even Indian Customs official website is not updated in this matter. Here are some information I sum up for our reader regarding Custom duty on LCD and LED with several examples. The information is always updated so below I am Giving  the information which may be applicable during 2016 and 2017 it may change after that but still it is better to get some idea than nothing.

Custom Duty on 21 Inch LCD/LED Flat Tv:

I heard from my job fellows here in Saudi Arabia that there is no custom duty on Flat Tv less than 32 inch but unfortunately it is wrong you have to Pay Custom Duty on 21 inch Flat tv. Not only 21 but duty is applicable on all sizes of LCD/LED.

How Much Custom Duty?

Anybody carrying LCD/LED have to pay custom Duty equivalent to 36.05% of the Value. There is misinformation on some websites as well as local media that gov lessen the duty but gov did lessen the duty on LCD/LED parts. These parts were used by LCD/LED Tv manufacturers.

Also be good to know that there no Duty Fee Allowance of 50,000 Applicable on Flat Tv’s Since 26th august 2013. Which means if your LCD price is less than 50,000 you still have to Pay the Custom Duty.


How the Custom Duty of 36.05 percent is Calculated:

According to Custom Officer in India The duty of 36.05 Percent is applicable on assessed Value. It is value which is fetch out after seeing the condition of item, model, make, new or old. Custom officers also carries a ready made database with all popular brands and model of Flat TV. After seeing from that he might still see the condition of TV to calculate Duty on assessed Value.

The assessed Value is totally on Custom officers sometime custom officers calculate value which is far less than original and hence the custom duty become less also. In some cases people seen that officer put only 20% custom duty yet officer write original value of 36.5 percent but it is due to personal judgement of officer

Example: you may bought 45 inch LCD having original prize is Rs 45000 but officer assess or judge the prize of 25000 in this case traveler have to pay 9012 as duty. In reality you paid just 20% percent.

So, its you own luck that either you face strict officer or soft  custom officer.

Assessed Value is Calculated by Officer himself or from seeing his database. You don’t need any invoice any discount voucher.

For older TV’s the Duty is calculated according to difference of years. Traveler can request that his TV is used from that number of years. It is certain that used tv assessed value will be lower than new ones.

Declaring on Custom Declaration Form and Payment of Duty:

Before leaving you have to fill Custom Declaration in which a field is given to declare the Item like LCD/LED. After mentioning, take to Custom Officer and make payment. The payment is make usually in Indian Rupees but can also be paid in foreign currency.

Baggage Dimensions:

The important thing every traveler must knows the maximum dimension of baggage allowed in flight. Particularly in case of larger LCD/LED. The Airline Baggage policy is given on their website. Also must pay attention to the weight per baggage and piece.

during Checking in don’t forget to mention that their is LCD/LED in that baggage so that airline pass through special belt and called it a fragile item.

Which airlines allow carry from us to India:

Almost all airline allows to carry baggage and cargo. But baggage is usually on paid basis you have to pay for baggage if it beyond the free baggage limit stated by airline. Usually 40 inch lcd tv can require to be paid.

Customs database with prices of TV models ?

Below is few Values and the custom duty is shown with them Please note that the Chart is just for general guidance and giving some measurement of Custom Value. The assessment is based upon judgement of Custom officer

Company Less than 32 Inch 32 Inch 40 Inch
Value Custom Duty Value Custom Duty Value Custom Duty
Samsung 12000 4326 15000 5408 25000 9013
Sony 12000 4326 15000 5408 25000 9013
LG 10000 3605 12000 4326 22000 7931
Toshiba 10000 3605 12000 4326 22000 7931
Panasonic 10000 3605 12000 4326 2000 7931