Skills for doing job efficiently  are main pillar for every employee, that the skills were test by companies or employer during Probation Period. In Oman Labour laws also suggests and define probation period. In labour laws document of Oman issued by Royal Decree No.34/73 Probation period is defined as a period in which the employer tests the fitness of employee while doing work. Employer assess his employee either ethically or technically which enable the employee to familiarize the environment and work conditions.

Article 24 of Oman Labour laws further defines the Probation period in Oman. According to Article 24 employee probation period not exceeds more than 3 months.

The Three months Probation Period is for employees who get wage on monthly basis while 1 month period is for those whose salary are given otherwise e.g weekly or daily.

Probationary period shall be only applied to employee for one time by same employer. If probationary period passed successfully than this period is collected in the total period of service of employee.

Both parties(employee and employer) can terminate his contract during probationary period by giving notice period at least before seven days.

No employee shall be appointed under more than one probationary period by the same employer, and the probationary period if successfully passed, will be counted in the period of service.
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