It is now clear to all of expatriates in Saudi Arabia that visa fee is increased from starting of 1438 hijri that is Oct 02, 2016. The circular which is issued by VFS office India which states hike in visa fee as well as mention that it is mandatory to pay for health insurance with visa fee for Saudi Arabia.


The embassy of Saudi Arabia clearly make health insurance must for all travelers irrespective of visa types even if you were on transit visa you have to pay for it. Enjaz banking system of the Saudi Embassy allows travelers to pay for health insurance the fee is 950 Saudi Riyal equivalent to USD 254. From October 17 2016 all visas were must be issued with health insurance, if traveler didn’t pay for Health insurance visa will not be issued.

Check Status of Medical Health Insurance in KSA

Only those insurance were accepted that were affiliated with Enjaz Banking System.

There is a lot of confusion among expatriates about new visa fee. For  example single entry visa fee is only changed for visit visa but permanent visa fee is already SR 2000 same in health insurance which you must already require to obtain permanent visa. Also iqama is not processed without health insurance.

No Single Entry Visa fee for Permanent Visa

So this means that same as single entry visa fee the health insurance fee is applied to Visit visa and family visit visa. If this insurance fee is added with single family visit visa than the visa fee along with health insurance fee it will become sr 3200.

New Family Visit Visa fee from 1438 hijri

Those who got experience of this new health insurance fee or Visa fee than must comment below