Transportation Allowance During Annual Leave

Every Workers has right to get paid leave according to Saudi Labor Law, the period of this leave is ranging from 21 to 30 days based on contract with employer. As expatriates didn’t have knowledge related to annual leave written in Saudi Labor Laws, employer try to hide their rights and didn’t pay them allowances some employers just gave basic wages and ignore all allowance but according to labor laws the Transportation and some other allowances must be given to Worker.


According to labor law article 2 defines Actual wage is a basic adding all other allowances must be given to worker during Annual leaves of workers. Actual Wage means the whole wage including allowances so Transportation allowance is also part of this.

In this actual wage all major allowance such as housing, telephony, food as well as transportation allowance is included.

It is clear that employee is entitled to be given with wage including transportation allowance.