How to Unblock Whatsapp Calling in Saudi Arabia? FREE WAY

Recently people amazed high on Social Media when they see calling function in Saudi Arabia is functioning again but the calling is only going but whenever recipient pick the call it might seems blocked again. As you know that there is nothing is impossible to unblock anything on Internet if you know the best way. Voice over IP VOIP is not only limited in Saudi Arabia but also in UAE and other GCC states.

Most of Saudi Expats need this Whatsapp like service to freely call their relatives in Home Country, as this is more cheap way to call as compare to GSM Calls.

If you previously unblock restricted websites than you might know two terms first proxy and second VPN. Whatsapp can be unblocked in Saudi Arabia from VPN which is also a most secure way to get access to VOIP services.

VPN transfer the location of your IP to another country where service is enabled while allowing you to access whatsapp.

Choosing VPN Service: Not all VPN services are secure usually the most secure are paid VPN services other that were free fetches basic statistics of your device usage, how much date you use, which application you use etc.

How to Access Whatsapp in Saudi Arabia Using VPN:

  1. Open Playstore in Android on App Store in Iphone, and search for “VPN” you might see large amount of applications try to chose most popular one like ZenMate,SuperVPN, HotSpot etc.
  2. I already used SuperVPN many times to unblock YouTube so I am giving the procedure to use SuperVPN.
  3. First Search and Install the Application on your device.
  4. Now Open the application and click on Continue Button.
  5. And Connect the VPN Service. You might see a Key ICON at notification Bar which means VPN is enabled.
  6. Open Whatsapp and make Calls to your Friends and Family on one of the most popular free VOIP application in the world.

NOTE: This is a Only Way I know to unlock Whatsapp, in case this not works than may be VPN services were also blocked by Saudi Authorities. If you know any other way than must comment below. And Yes the article is only for educational purpose