Kuwait Visa On Arrival Procedure GCC Residents at Airport

Getting Visa of any country requires lot of patience and time but getting visa on while arriving on Airport of specific country is lot more handy and fast. GCC residents residing in countries Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, UAE , Saudi Arabia can get visa on arrival of each other except Saudi Arabia if they were eligible profession on their work permit. Visa On Arrival can be available at Kuwait Airport.

Kuwait Visa on Arrival for GCC Residents at Kuwait Airport:

  1. The first essential requirement to get Visa on Arrival of Kuwait is that your profession must be qualified for visa. Profession is written on your id card, iqama, civil id or work permit. Currently Kuwait Government allows professions less than 20 written below. LIST OF KUWAIT VISA ON ARRIVAL PROFESSIONS
  2. Nationality also matter in case of visa on arrival usually countries having strongest rating of its passport their citizens can get visa without even showing ID card.
  3. GCC work permit holders need to fill visa on arrival form at booth on Airport. Try to do it in Hurry because there is a large number of people already waiting for their turn, you could find the both just behind the restaurant called “Coffee Beans”.
  4. You need to get Token Number from vending machine and wait for your number to be announced but first In order the pay the fee applicant need to purchase Visa stamps equals to 3 KD  buy them from stamps vending machine.
  5. Fill the Landing Card and wait to submit that on counter one your number is called.
  6. On counter the person type in your data in computer and give you back a paper(VISA) with stamps and duration mention on it.
  7. Thing might they ask: Passport copy valid for 6 months, gcc resident id card valid for 6 months, return ticket, write the address of hotel and residence where you are staying in Kuwait.
  8. The fee of Visa on Arrival of Kuwait is KD 3.