List of Veterinary Care Clinics in Jeddah

Keeping Pets in Home is becoming common practice in Saudi Arabia, but being a Pets owner you must also understand their medical care and requirements which can be achieved by giving your pet a proper checkup from veterinary clinic.

Veterinary clinic is not only a first medical care for only pets other commercial animals also need such care, those who own a pet in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah did not have to worry about their pet veterinary care as their is extensive amount of veterinary  Doctors available in the city to treat and test your beloved pet.

Pets which were ones a luxury thing for riches and used by farmers now commonly seen in houses not only in western world but in Muslim countries also. Having owner of pet gifted you with love, affection, fun and a great stress reliever. Pet handlers must understand that pets are not wild animals they don’t know the survival skills in harsh environment, which also makes them unhealthy more faster than wild animals.

Well usually veterinary doctors are skillful and they practically also practice their profession so the only thing is matter while choosing expert that has experience related to home pet vet care.

1. Jeddah veterinary Clinic Group:

JVC group is one of the renowned and oldest veterinary clinic in Jeddah founded in 1979 by Ian Mclaren who is a graduate from  Dick Veterinary College, Edinburgh. The clinic provide check up for 24 hours a day, with quality as same as in western clinic. They have experts in all kind of animals commercial and home pets both.

Two clinics easily accessible are situated in Jeddah and Khobar, you see their clinics have local staff and international doctors hired from top veterinary schools around the world.

Following services provided by JVC:

Surgery , Hospital , X-Rays , Boarding , Pet care shop , Grooming , Dog Training , 24 Hour emergency service, Laboratory

Address Jeddah:

Jeddah Veterinary Clinic Khobar Veterinary Clinic
Business Hours
(Saturday to Thursday)

09:00 – 12:30
17:00 – 20:00
Contact Tel: 00966 1269 12896
Mobi: 00966 5076 15056    WEB:
Address: Rahhya Aljazira Street (behind Irfan Hospital), Faisalya MAP

2. The European Veterinary Clinic

Founded in 2005 The European Veterinary Clinic is another premium clinic for vet care. All you need is to visit their center in jeddah and they i’ll do rest of procedure by giving caring, grooming and quality med care to your pet.

European Veterinary Clinic El-Semat El-Taibah Street
Al Andalus District Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Show own MAP
Phone: +966 (0)12 667 63 30
PET Emergency: +966 (050) 653 05 65
Fax: +966 (0)12 663 43 69

09.00 am – 01.00 pm
05.00 pm – 09.30 pm

3. Happy Pet

With beautiful building and advance equipment happy Planet was came in to jeddah in 2006. They have well experienced team of professionals to give righteous vet care to your beloved pet and give your pet his Smile Back.

Services: radiology, dermatology, internal medicine, vaccination, dental care, professional grooming, pharmacy, micro-chipping,  cardiology, general surgery, geriatric medicine.

Address Happy Pet:
Happy Pet Vet Clinic SABA Center, Prince Sultan Street, Al Zahra

Phone Number
+966 12 616 40 30 +966 12 616 40 50

4. Tahlia International Veterinary Clinic

Tahlia Street
AL Rawdah Dist.
Saudi Arabia

Contact Person: Syed Suneer
050 411 8622

5. Al Hamra Clinic for Pet Care

Al Hamra is also an oldest and renowned pet care center in Jeddah, founded by Dr. Ahmed Shebini in 1984. The clinic advances with time and now become a state of the art facility to keep your pet health in check according to latest developments.


34 Islam street off Falsteen road – west of Alhamra Sofitel hotel
Alhamra district
Jeddah – Saudi Arabia

Near Consulate General of Japan

Working Hours:
SAT – THU 10 am : 1 pm
SAT – THU 05 pm : 10 pm
00966 54 54 77 883