Saudi Labor Laws Article151 of Leaves or Vacations 2017

Saudi Labor laws and leaves in saudi arabia

Leave Policy in Saudi Arabia 2017 labor law

Saudi Arabian latest Labor laws and amendments in case of leave, holidays, vacation of workers and employees. We discuss about Saudi labor laws 2017. The awareness of these laws for Expatriates is really beneficial many cases are registered against companies who brain wash employees and don’t gave them the leaves which they have to be Given. For example many employer first said to employer that their weekends were calculated and cut out from annual paid leave they do this to save money for paid leave most of employees than do extra hours of work in weekend so that they get annual paid leave. In according to Labor law weekends were not counted as annual paid leave if any sponsor/employer violates this cost a lot to employer if any case was registered against employer in MOL up to 10,000 SAR fine will be imposed on company.

Let get further and discuss about several types of leaves which were given in Saudi Arabia

Annual Leaves MOL KSA:

Every employee under Saudi Arabian Labor law is allow to be designated with 21 days annual(Yearly) paid leave. Worker must be aware that this leave will be issued to you after completing two consecutive years with company or sponsor. If after mutual understanding between employer and worker you can wish to increase this days up to 30 days but if you completed five years of employment with your sponsor than you will be given with 30 days of annual leave. Must be aware with these leaves if you skipped these leaves you could get in any future years otherwise it is beneficial for employer that you don’t need any leaves.

Sick Leave:

Everyone get sick anytime without any announcement in this regards MOL Ksa implemented four months of sick leave for worker. The first 30 days of sick leaves is fully paid but worker must shows his complete medical reports to sponsor and must take rest in according  to Doctors advice.

The quota of sick leaves

First 30 days- Fully paid
Next 60 days – 3/4 of total wages
Next 30 days – Unpaid

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Death of Close relatives(Family)

If sudden death of any person of worker’s close family member is occurs than 3 leaves will be given if the worker is female she wll be entited for 15 days of leave.

Hajj and Islamic Festivals Leaves:

Hajj or Islamic Pilgrimage is important for whole Muslims population of the world and million of people visited on this day in Saudi Arabia. The hajj leave is mainly not be given in any other countries of Muslim only if any person is going to perform hajj. In KSA after every five years employee is allowed to perform hajj under same sponsor. In this case 10 days of paid leave is given to person who is going to perform hajj.

Eid ul Fitr Holidays:

Another paramount festival of Muslims which is Eid ul Fitr. This Eid has it own influence on Muslim and widely celebrated all around the Islamic World. People meet each other, hugs and get new clothes, special dishes were made and men goes for Eid Prayers. There are total 4 holidays were given to worker from ending of Ramadan.

Eid ul Adha:

This Eid is celebrated to remember and re-follow procedure of Hazarat Abrahim(A.S) to sacrifice Hilal Animal in the fate of Allah. Same as other EID there are four holidays were given to employee.

National Day of Saudi Arabia:

Every country has its own glory this glory of freedom is celebrated by Saudi Arabians on the days of 23rd September. Worker get off from the work as this days is given as one day paid leave.

Maternity Leave in Saudi Arabia

Article No. 151 and 152 pointed towards the Maternity vacations in case of delivery of baby these articles stated that “There are 10 weeks of Maternity leave is given to female worker in case of delivery of child”. Female workers according to advice of Doctor takes 4 weeks of vacations before the delivery and after the delivery she can take 6 weeks of more leave but it always good to contact doctor to consult about how much more time is required to get fully recovered.

Maternity leave is fully paid and employee have to pay her full salary but in case that she want more leaves she would cut out from his annual leave vacations.

If female worker competes 3 years of job in any company she will be entitled for full paid leave, if 1 year she will be given half paid leave and less than 1 year she will be given with nothing.

Also father of child could also get leave of one day to take of his newly born child.

Marriage Leave in Saudi Arabia

Marriage leave in Ksa is of 5 five days period. Most of the employees in Saudi Arabia go outside the kingdom for marriage in this case if the period exceeds more than 5 days than extra leaves will be deducted from employees annual leaves.

Leaves for Domestic Workers:

The above laws of leaves by MOL ksa is  work for those who worked under companies or sponsor registered with MOL if in case any individual Saudi Nationalist hire household employees, housemaids or personal drivers than these leaves were not for them but they negotiate with his visa sponsor to give him leaves.