Driving License Renewal From Muroor Traffic Department

Muroor is a manual procedure for renewal of Saudi Driving License there is second online way to renew driving license which I share in Previous Post. The method of online driving license renewal require some conditions which might also applied to manual procedure also, it is on your own which procedure is best for your convenience. Read the Procedure of Online Driving License Renewal of Saudi Arabia.

For those who still didn’t know the method to make New Saudi Driving License Could also read the Procedure of New driving license of Saudi Arabia.

How to Pay Fee:

The fee is same as making of new driving license. Fee is accordance to validity time in years more the validity time more the fee. The procedure of giving fee is same as for online procedure. A person who is apply for renewal could pay his fee using online banking account and ATM both fee is refundable in case of failure while those who pay fee using SADAD the fee is not refundable. You may find agents outside muroor traffic department which pay your fee.

Get the fee deposit Slip and attach it with application.

SR 80/- for two (2) years
SR 200/- for five (5) years
SR 400/- for ten (10) years.

Filling Renewal Application Form:

The application form is available at Muroor Office from agents the application form is in arabic Language so you also need agent help to fill the application form. Also if you have printer you could download application form from here.
Now attach following things with application form:
-Two Photographs
– Fee Deposit receipt
– Iqama copy (You may need to show Original also)
– Expired driving license(Must)Saudi driving license renewal from muroor

Eye Test and Handling of new Driving licence:

After completion of Application Visit nearest Muroor office, They take you eye test for which you have to pay fee. If you already done Eye test from other certified center than show them report to get stamp on it. After submission of Eye test report and Application you have to wait until New driving license is ready this take more than 10 minutes now when you name announced visit the counter and take your licence.
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