Saudi Arabia National Day September 23 اليوم الوطني

In month of September 2017 and every year an extra beautiful fragrance of National Day spreads all across the Desert land of Arab reminding all of Saudis a Struggle and foundation of Saudi Arabia led by Majesty King Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud (May Allah be merciful to him) in 1932. People of Kingdom decorate themselves with manifestation of delight and pride. Saudis Hugs each other and wishes give honor to Saudi Arabia. The day renew a spirit of unity for the development of Kingdom.

Celebration of National Day in Saudi Arabia:

Brave free Nations didn’t forget the moments of creation of their Nation and always remember the struggle led by their ancestors for making of the nation. All across Saudi Arabia, National days celebrations, events, and festivals were held to show the unity of Saudis. People express their love for country in many ways there is a spring of Saudi Flags all around streets houses building Cars, people also shows loyalty towards the leader of Nation especially king.Saudi National Day Stalls 2016

The day is Official Holiday to all government institutions and agencies. The national holiday  recognize Saudi’s achievements, glory and prosperity in serving humanity under the guidance of a wise leadership.


National day events are really important for young generations as these event give knowledge to them about Saudi Arabia the struggle behind this and how Saudi Arabia become one of the most developed nation in the world. These event teaches kids and youngster that how they celebrate on National Day hence these great events transfer to future generations. Many special programs were organized by public and private agencies These events includes.

Folklore performances

Recreational and sports activities

Poetry readings

Traditional dance performances

shows specific for children

firework displays blazingsaudi-day-holiday

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National Day holiday 2017:

Natinal Day Holiday will fall on September 24th this year 2017 1438.

According to the system, when National Day falls on a Friday, the day before it which is Thursday, will be a holiday.

If it falls on a Saturday, the holiday will be on a day after it, which is Sunday.

On Sunday September 24 will be an official holiday of National day as it falls on Saturday sep 23 according to a spokesman of the Ministry of Civil Service.