Terminal 5 of Riyadh KKIA Airport for Domestic Flights

All Local Flynas and Saudi Airlines Domestic Flights transfered to Terminal 5 of king Khalid Airport

Saudia Airlines Domestic Flights: As from 22 August 2016 all Saudia Arabian Airlines Domestic Flights take departure from Terminal 5 of King Khaled Airport Previously these flights take departure from Terminal 3. Other remaining terminals of 1 and 2 were used from international departure and arrival.

Flynas Airlines Domestic Flights: Same as Saudia Airlines Flynas Also shifted all of his domestic departure and arrival towards Terminal 5 of Riyadh Airport started already from 13 august 2016.

Terminal 5 is a new expansion in KKIA which is now operation it is a part of Vision 2030 in which Saudi Government expanding capacity of passenger from 14 Million to 40 Million per year.

It is near to International Terminals and there is Shuttle service for Passenger who want to go to Other Internation Terminal for other flights.

Terminal 5 accommodate 3740 cars in his parking area and also connected to Riyadh Metro in future. It Allows 8 heavy bodied aircraft while 16 light body aircraft at one time. More ever it included with

60 counters for baggage check-in

30 elevators 19 escalators,

six conveyors

20 self service counters.Terminal 5 of King Khalid Airport Riyadh