Saudi Shoura Council allows recruitment of Bangladeshi male domestics

The Shoura Council مجلس الشورى السعودي normal session was held on Monday 19th September in which Shoura members approved the recruitment of Bangladeshi Male Domestic in Saudi Arabia. Almost 1.3 Million Bangladeshi worker of different categories employed in Saudi Arabia out of which 62,000 were housemaids and on average 6000 housemaids arrives in Saudi Arabia for domestic work according to Bangladeshi Ambassador.

According to new published in Arab News the  recommendation of allowing Bangladeshi domestic workers had been given by Mohammed Nagadi, Chairmen of Council’s Committee on Administration and Human Resources. The session is held under the presidency of Yahya bin Abdullah Al-Samaan.

While Bangladeshi ambassador to Saudi Arabia Golam Moshi really appreciate this move of Respected Shoura Council and said that it is really beneficial for both countries also it indicate the firm relations between both countries.

On starting of last year Kingdom lift ban from recruiting of Saudi Female Housemaids Also Saudi Arabia has lifted a six-year-old ban on the recruitment of regular Bangladeshi workers.saudi-shoura-council-allows-recruitment-of-bangladeshi-workers

Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh working jointly to boost the hiring of Male domestic Workers according to last meeting between technical committee. Both nations tries to enhance their relation especially in Man Power sector.

Bangladeshi Ambassador Said That three companies in Bangladeshi Capital Dhaka Working their best to provide training and orientation programs to female domestic worker. He said that we welcome and appreciate those org who train Men domestic workers for recruitment in Saudi Arabia.