As you know Saudi Arabia make considerable changes in Visa few in few months ago the increase in visa fee shocks many expatriates living in Saudi Arabia as well as those were willing to travel to Saudi Arabia for work purpose. Also expatriates who want to bring their family on Saudi Visit visa also consider these fee very that they were now unable to bring their family in Saudi Arabia.

But when you visit official website of the fee is really disturbing for South Asian expatriates as the fee is less for those area of world which were already rich such as the fee for UK citizens is far less than fee for nationalities of India and Pakistan.

Saudi Arabia relies on oil and due to lesser prices of oil there is down time of Saudi Economy which make Saudi Arabia to boost non-oil income these visa fee hike is also part of it. I hope that when Saudi Arabia economy get stable Saudi gov may make the fee less. We must have to pray for our holiest place

Let find out what were the fee of visa for Pakistan India Bangladesh and other countries of the world.


Saudi Visa fee for United States:

Surprisingly the fee is 400/SR for each visa type means that even when American travel to Saudi Arabia on Multiple Exit Reentry the come again on same visa for up to 5 years with paying any new fee. Single entry is also 400/SR whether it visit visa or family visit visa all american just have to pay 400 Saudi Riyals.

Health Insurance Fee is Mandatory With Visa

Visa Fee for 26 Schengen Countries:

The Schengen countries includes 26 European countries yet they were very rich and have high HDI, most of their visitors for Saudi Arabia are tourists so this means they were here in Saudi Arabia to spend money, not like workers who were here to earn money and send it back to their native country. These countries includes:
Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Same as US, Schengen countries passport holders just have to pay 250 Saudi Riyal for each type of visa category.

Visa fee for UK:

Uk visitors were at second place in term of visa fee but still the is far less than south asian countries. Most of UK citizens have high income so there is no impact of visa fee for them. Not like USA and Schengen, UK citizen have to pay SR 510 for single and multiple entry while for 1year and 2 year multiple entry they have to pay 1950.

Visa fee for Turks:

Turkey is close country to Saudi Arabia. The visa fee is very low for turkish citizen is due to special agreement with KSA. The fee is 225/SR only for single entry and multiple entries in 6 month. While Saudi Riyal 5000 for one year and Saudi Riyal 8000 for 2 years multiple entry.


For rest of the world the visa fee is very high these changes in visa fee is came few months ago. This is specially point of concern for countries from where most of workers came in to KSA. The single entry visa fee is SR 2000, 3000 SR for 6 month multiple entry and 5000/SR and 8000/SR for 1 year and 2 year multiple entries. To find more about these new Saudi Visa fee must through this article. And also this single entry visa fee for permanent visa is not changed.