Bahrain Cuts Visit Visa Fee For Tourist By 80%

Gulf states like Bahrain usually attractive for many laborers and workers for their best pay scale but except Dubai many of Gulf states lacks tourism. For Saudi Arabia there is huge amount of religious tourist were always available each year but for Bahrain the only thing is its amazing and bustling cities like Manama and some of its ancient sites and yes don’t forget the Tree of Life a only 400 year old tree which is standing still without any good water resources. To attract tourist like Dubai Bahrain need extensive developments. Now the first step that Bahrain takes to attract tourists by slashing visit visa fee for tourist by 80%. The fee is cut down to 5 Bahraini Dinar which is equal to Rs 886 INR 13.26 USD.


Bahrain is investing huge in tourism sector to match with other Gulf Countries like UAE. such as bahrain is developing 1 billion dollar expansion of its international airport which will be able to accommodate almost 14 million passengers after it constructed.

Unlike other gulf countries Bahrain is economy not only relies on oil production, bahrain economy consists of 60% oil exports while other sectors were finance and Aluminum production. Bahrain want to do just like Dubai and Abudhabi which is known for their tourism as oil prizes were becoming lower every gulf country tries to boost their non-oil sector one if the recent example of this is Saudi Arabia in the form of VISION 2030.