Job visa fees for expatriate workers will be increased by 50 per cent, the Ministry of Manpower has announced.

Work Permits(Job Visa) fee for expatriate workers in Oman will be increased by 50%, to fill the gap in economy due to oil prizes the fee hike was announced on twitter account of Ministry of Manpower. According to MOM Oman the new fee structure will be published soon, the become law after it is published in official Gazette.

Those private workers who applied to Work visa for 2 year have to pay OMR 201 but after 50% increase the new fee will be OMR 301.

On other side temporary work permit fee for 4 months is 60, for 6 months 90 OMR and for 9 months 135 OMR.

For domestic workers like nannies, house workers, camel herders and farm workers the fee is also changed but it is different from rest of fees.

For the recruitment of three domestic worker the fee is OMR 141, upon hiring fourth worker the sponsor(KAFEEL) needs to pay OMR 241. The renewal fee for domestic visa is also OMR 241 in case if sponsor want to keep all domestic worker for other 2 years.

Also those worker who didn’t renew his work permit on time may face 10 OMR penalty. Those who want to switch jobs or want to make changes in profession have to pay OMR5 fee.


Oman’s budget deficit for the first seven months of 2016 rose by 68.3 per cent to OMR4,023.3 million. To decrease this deficit Ministry of finance OMAN issued 20 circular which aims to boost non-oil revenue. The number of expatriate were also increased from 38.9 percent in 2011 of total population to 45.5 in 2015. NCSI figures say that there were 1,747,000 expatriates currently living in OMAN.