Saudi Arabia Overseas Labor Attaché Offices


Saudi Arabia always emphasis on Labor education for expatriates for this purpose special Labor Education portal was available online but to provide the knowledge of Saudi Labor laws and to ease the hardships of expatriates Saudi Arabian Cabinet approved the setting of Labor Attache offices at Saudi Embassies around the different locations of the world from where most of Saudi Expatriates belongs such as India, Pakistan, Egypt, Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.


This step is given by the  Standing Committee of the Council of Economic Affairs and Development. Cabinet also ordered Ministry of labor and social development to settle the number of staff at new labor offices and assign duties to them with coordination of Foreign and Civil service Ministries, according to a statement from SPA.

The new decision will ensure fast and smooth recruitment of highly skilled laborers to Saudi Arabia, breaking monopoly of brokers, this allows to sets certain mechanism for employing expatriate workers in Saudi Private Sector. And also promotes Saudi Culture among new foreign workers.

Cabinet selected only countries from where most of foreign worker came in to Saudi Arabia for Work. Among them India has largest number of expatriate i.e 3 million while 2 million Pakistanis, 1.8 Million Bengali, 1 million Filipinos, and 300,000 sri lankans. While most of them were domestic workers.

This decision is taken to break monopoly of Brokers who hire domestic workers on higer prices and agent uses 6 months visit visa to recruit domestic workers which push up the prize for each worker almost SR25000. To reduce the phenomenon of brokers it is current need to setup LAbor attaches around above nations.

Private sectors also faces huge amount of loss due to hiring of low skilled workers. Most of workers don’t have any experience and want to be trained by Employer. Low coordination between worker and employer and recruitment channels results hiring of low skilled worker on higher salaries.