Paying Visa Fee is Responsibility of Employer in Oman

Employers who force their workers to pay visa fee increases are acting illegally, a chamber of commerce member has warned. Times of Oman

Sponsors/Employers who force their workers to pay their visa fee after recent visa increase is acting illegal according to a Chamber of Commerce(COC) Member. Omani Government announced a 50% increased in visa fee for workers and same new rules about domestic workers. The recent visa fee to get work permit is increased from Omani Riyal 201 to 301.

Many laborers with less wages especially blue collar workers as well as social workers and traders in oman have concerned about to get new work permit. Workers afraid that recent visa increase may charged from them by employer.

The visa fee is responsibility of hiring companies not the worker, if visa is not paid by hiring company than employer may try to cut them from wages of workers.

Coc members and trader union leader also said that it is duty of employer to pay fee for permit and it is not responsibility of employee. It is violation companies must have to pay for expatriate workers.

Many expatriates in Oman not sure about this news and want some official source but the new visa fee is come in to effect soon. This will become law when published in official gazette.

The new fee structure will come into effect soon, according to an official, who said it will become law when it is published in the official gazette.

It has bee increased to OMR 301, currently the fee is OMR 201 to get new visa as well as renewal of visa.

There are 1,485,615 expats working in Oman, increasing visa fee will add Omani Riyal 148 million to revenue hence government will also use this to cover budget deficit caused by low petroleum prices.

Source: Times of OMAN