How Transfer SAWA STC Credit To India

Expatriates who were using SAWA STC can transfer their balance to INDIA or 7 other countries but In the below guide I write the detail of procedure to transfer STC balance to specific Indian SIMS. The process is really simple and require just 2 minutes to complete. The international transfer details were currently not given on STC official website but the service is working.

You can send the balance to your friends and family in India which they use to call internationally and locally in India.


Following operators to whom you could send STC Balance

Reliance / BPL /Idea / Vodafone /Airtel / TATA /Aircel

Procedure to Transfer STC Balance to India:

  1. Send 133*RecipentMobileNumber*1 Send this to 801500. eg: 133*91343434343*1
  2. Now operator ask you How much balance you want to transfer. It gives you list with serial number for example write 1. 8 SAR, 2.16 SAR, 3. 32 SAR
  3. Enter Serial number and send.
  4. After that you’ll see details about your Balance Transaction to India.

If you know more about this procedure than must comment below, also in case of any problem must give me your feedback below.