SADAD online payment System

sadad online payments

SADAD payment system is actually an online payment solution developed by Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency(SAMA) for payment of different types of national and local electronic bills. It facilitate consumers so that they can pay their bills online through any bank for 24 hours a day. SADAD payment system is linked with all state and commercial bank for payment of bills. SADAD payment system is hassle free and is perfect use of modern technology which give consumers much more easier access for payment of their bills even their traffic fines and violation fees. SADAD was first introduced on 3rd October 2004.sadad online payments

Vision and Reason for Establishment of SADAD payment system

The major aim of establishment of SADAD is to provide efficient facility of payment of bills to people of KSA. Provide quality service, save time and energy of consumers by replacing traditional payment system.

Customers can pay bills through SADAD through the following banking channels:
Bank Branches
Online Banking
Phone Banking
Short Message Service (SMS)*
Mobile Banking*
* This service is only available at some banks.

You can also find complete list of billers with code at SADAD Website