Fingerprint Registration of Saudi Expats

Registration of finger print in Saudi Arabia

The directorate general of passport (jawazat) Saudi Arabia asked expats in Saudi Arabia to register their fingerprints by visiting any Jawazat office which were mention in website. In case of those who do not register their fingerprints from jawazat office, any service provided by jawazat offices to expatriates will be denied. On january 21 2015 fingerprint registration is become mandatory for all expats. This is applicable for all men women and childrens above the age of 6 six. Services like exit re entry visa, profffesion change, transfer of passport naql al-ma’lumat and renewal of Muqeem card will not be given to any one who do not register his finger prints.

The jawazat offices are provided with all facilities to record biometric data of expats.Registration of finger print in Saudi Arabia

How to Register you finger print at Jawazat Office:

To register you fingerprint(Basmah) at Jawazat Offices

Must take following things with you:

  1. Iqama Card(Muqeem Card) original
  2. Your Passport original

Now go to you nearest Jawazat office and wait for your turn the officer will ask you to put finger on Biometric machine and scans them. After completion of scan you are now registered your finger print.

How to Check Status of you fingerprint registration(BASMAH)

Fingerprint service is known as Basmah in Arabic for those who already make their registration of fingerprint complete is now able to check status of registration at MOI Saudi Arabia website just go to their website and login in your account than follow the below procedure.

  1. After login click on e-service tab
  2. Now on left side of list click on passports
  3. Now you see an option “Public Query Fingerprint Enrollment” Enter you ID number and Captcha of image in boxes.
  4. After that you will see “Fingerprint enrollment updated” if you done it already if not you’ll see “No records found”.
  5. If no recordes are found than it mean your fingerprints are not registered just follow the above procedure to get you fingerprint first get registered

To make this procedure fast passport Jawazat offices display the list for both men and separate list for women in their website