Check Remaining Balance of STC Mobily Zain

To use Service like Data Sms calling we need to feed balance/credit in our  account. To check how many balance is remaining in Saudi Arabia top networks sims of mobily STC and Zain we dial different short codes of specific network. All of these three networks are largest cellular companies of Saudi Arabia these three telecom companies shares an enough amount of subscribers in Saudi Arabia now first we go through how to check remaining balance of Mobily which also one of the top telecom service provider in Saudi Arabia. From below methods you could check balance remaining and it expiry date.

How to Check Remaining balance on Mobily Sim

  1. To check remaining balance in Mobily sim Dial Short code *1411# in your mobile. You’ll see amount of balance in message Mobily sent you.
  2. To check balance in Mobily you can also call mobily network for this dial 1100 this will support both English and Arabic Languages.

How to check Remaining Balance on STC Sim

  1. Dial short code *166# to check remaining balance in your STC Sim.
  2. Or call 1500 to STC connect with STC customer care and check your balance.

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How to Check Remaining Balance on Zain Sim

  1. In order to check remaining balance in your Zain Sim dial *142#.
  2. You can also check remaining balance in your SIM by calling their customer care using 959.

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