Visitors or those expats who visit and work in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Pakistan or any other Muslim country in the month of Ramadan must be aware of some rules and etiquette  which every Muslim follows in RAMADAN hence you also must have to get awareness of those things which Muslim don’t do during RAMADAN. As due to majority of Muslim population surrounding around you, always respect their religion and try not to hurt them by doing things which Muslims avoided in this month. Non Muslims workers have also aware themselves of timing of start of fasting and breaking of fasting and must try to avoid eating in front of Muslims workers. Most Non Muslims thinks that we just don’t eat any type of food infront of any Muslim is on Fasting but this is not it, there are other etiquette you have to consider, I am giving some tips to Non Muslims which may help them in the Month of Ramadan:Ramadan 2016

Ramadan Starting Date in UAE

No Eating, Smoking, Drinking in Public:

Muslims when on fasting(ROZA) don’t drink water, didn’t eat food even strictly avoid smoking and chewing Gums. The timing of fasting is starts from dawn(sunrise) to Dusk(Sunset) in that timing Do not eat drink or smoke in public, in front of people, public transport, private places, gathering, while working. Even those Muslims who didn’t on Fasting avoid all of the things when in observation of Public during Ramadan.

Those who work and visitor to Saudi Arabia take extra care of these etiquette as Saudi Arabians more strictly follow Islamic virtues.

In UAE or Saudi Arabia and in all other countries it is now become tradition that all public places of eating like restaurants, hotels, eating stalls were closed until the fasting period end just before prayers of Maghrib all restaurants opened and start organizing Iftari for all Muslims But it is still chance that those restaurants and hotels who accommodate international visitors could be opened during whole day.

Workplace Etiquette During Ramadan:

In UAE and Saudi Arabia working hours become lessen by 2 hours and reduced to 6 hours a day and 36 hours a week in respect of Ramadan as well as to lessen the pressure of work on Muslim workers these working hours also same for Non-Muslims. Even timing of all service providers banks ,restaurants, Shopping malls, business centers will be changed. See how Muslims government respects Ramadan and changes all schedules hence it duty of those non-Muslims business owners and Muslims that try to lessen the burden of work on Muslims. Non-Muslims must set a closed place in order to eat lunch or drinking water, Also when Muslims break their fast and eating Iftar with fellows do not sit in front of them and didn’t take anything if they offered as they are on fast from whole day and it respectful to decline their offer.

Dress modestly and Adjust Entertainment Schedules:

Muslims didn’t just do fasting of Stomach but their eyes, ears, tongue also on fast Muslims didn’t hurt anyone with tonque and avoid blasphemy language, avoid seeing things that not allow in Islam hence regarding eyes Muslims feel irritating when someone wears short fashionable cloths. Try to wear simple clothes during the day and not go to Muslim majority places while wearing fashionable clothes.

Usually all types of clubs, bars, entertainment places, cinemas were closed and if you want to hear Music try to sit in hidden place and wear headphones.

Respecting the Time of Iftari:

Iftari is a time when all Muslims break their fast, places like restaurants Muslim gathers and break their fast in group if you go their for eating food try not to order something like alcohol at that time even not smoke while Muslim eating their iftari

At last please try to understand the above words we all have own religion I try my best to respect all of other religions Ramadan period is just for one month and it is not so much difficult to follow above ETIQUETTE.