get qatar resident permit

Congrats to those expats who successfully get a Jobs in Qatar now you sponsor will apply for single entry visa in MOI Qatar which is also a temporary resident permit until the completion of you new resident RP in Qatar. After submitting application in MOI your sponsor send you a entry permit through which expat/worker will be able to enter in Qatar through Hamad International Airport where immigration office also stamp you passport. Entry permit just allow you to start work in Qatar but sponsor must start the procedure of getting Resident Permit (RP) of Qatar. Let start and see how this permit procedure goes.get qatar resident permit

Detail Guide to get RP of Qatar:

  1. When you arrived at Hamad International Airport Doha must keep copy of entry visa with your self, after arrival immigration department stamp your Visa with respective type of Visa also they also place sticker on you passport which states that you must go to Medical Examination after 7 days in order to start process of Resident Permit.
  2. I’ll categorize the procedure of Rp in Qatar in Four Parts First Part: Medical Examination Second Part: Finger Printing Third Part: Applying for RP Fourth Part: Collecting RP
  3. Medical Examination: These thing are require for Medical Examination:you should have Original Passport with Copy of Passport and Visa. Now go to any certified medical center in Qatar I recommend you to go to Hamad Medical Corporation they will take several test such as HIV, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis etc usually the charge 100QR to 700QR. Go to reception and present required documents they send you to casheir counter where you submit fee and takes your photograph. They present you a form with receipt now take all medical test and wait for 2 or 3 days after that you received message to collect your medical reports.
  4. Fingerprinting: This part is really crucial I recommend you those who coming in Qatar must take care of their fingers and because my blog reader said that in case you fingerprint surface is flat they didn’t take finger prints.     Fingerprints were taken at MOI Qatar main branch located at Salwa Road timing in Morning 7-12 am and at evening 3 – 7 pm. All appointments and arrangements were prepared by your sponsor or Company PRO you have to present them original passport, copy of visa and a FORM (required for next step). There is NO fee for fingerprinting after successful completion you get SMS notification of fingerprint submission.
  5. Applying for RP: Requirement for Applying RP: 1. Arabic From you get during fingerprinting 2. Blue Background picture(size stated on Form) 3. Blood Group Test(Try to done during first Part). Now take the FORM to any typing center in order to fill it with Arabic, must give them details about Passport, Blood group, visa. Also they ask you whether you want to renew RP each year or until the expiry date of you visa. Fee for one year of RP is 500QR.
  6. Go to Immigration office at Gharafa or any other branch proceed to you valid section separate for men and women. Submit all of above documents with Above duly filled form, Blood Group Report, copy of sponsor ID, copy of your passport and you should always carry your original passport with your self. Your sponsor Helps you to complete all the process.
  7. Collecting RP: The Final step is to collect your RP the process of  RP usually takes 2 to 6 weeks. You can also check status of your fingerprinting and RP application status online on Qatar MOI website.