istiqdam application form

Those expats who finding ISTIQDAM application form for Saudi permanent family visa, Visit Visa, you are on right place. First i am provding a little bit of information for those who want to know what is the meaning of this word istiqdam. “It is a Government services offices of MOI KSA where expats can able to get Permanent Family visa as well as visit visa for Family”. I already explain how to Get Permanent Family Visa Through Istiqdam. In this article we’ll go through the requirement of Istiqdam appointment and I’ll also show you some forms of Istiqdam for Visit visa and Permanent family visa.

istiqdam application form

Document and Forms for Istiqdam Office (Permanent family visa)

  1. Most important document is Istiqdam office Application form which is Arabic you have to fill the form in Arabic which can be done with the help of any translator or from typing centers. Attest this application from Chamber of Commerce and signed from your Sponsor/company. Download Istiqdam Office Application Form
  2. Also get SALARY LETTER from sponsor and also attest it from Chamber of Commerce(Take both documents in COC)
  3. Attest both above document from the place from your Iqama is registered.
  4. All other document mentioned in Procedure for Permanent Family Visa.

Document and Forms Required (Family Visit Visa)

  1. Although it is few person who if didn’t able to get visit visa online choose istiqdam option to get visit visa for their family. The document requirements for visit visa are same as permanent.
  2.  Istiqdam Application form follow above 1st point.
  3. Salary Letter follow above mentioned 2nd point.
  4. All other documents mentioned in Procedure for Family Visit Visa.