Iqama Procedure For FAMILY and Dependents

family iqama procedure in Saudi Arabia

After successfully taking your family(wife kids) or dependents  inside in Saudi Arabia on Family Permanent Family Visa now the first major step  is to gain Saudi Iqama for family. After completion of getting permanent family visa through istiqdam or online and successful stamping of visa from home country at last your family or dependents can arrive in Saudi Arabia. Now in order to become official resident in Saudi Arabia family and dependents needs Iqama/Muqeem Card of Saudi Arabia. I will explain how to do complete procedure of getting Family Iqama online and how to accomplish Jawazat procedures.

family iqama procedure in Saudi Arabia

What Things are required to get iqama for family and dependents:


1. Medical Report from Approved Medical Center

The procedure is starts from medical examinations of you family and dependants. The medical examination is must be done from approved and accrediated centers from Jawazat. Visit the center and ask them that if they do medical exmination for iqama purpose if they do give them following documents:

Family Visa Copy and Passport copy

2 photographs

Photocopy of Sponsor Iqama

Sponsor Mobile Number

After one day time period they gives medical reports.

2. Medical insurance

You will ask agents around Jawazat office that if they gives Medical Insurance. After paying fee you will be able to get Medical Insurance. Things required for medical insurance

Photocopy of Sponsor Iqama

Family Visa And passport copy

Sponsor Mobile Number(Local)

After that the agent will give you card and other insurance documents. Jawazat will update their records on their online websites.

3. Filling of IQAMA Application Form:

Visit nearest Jawazat office of your city and get Iqama application form the language of form is Arabic so fill the form from Agents sitting outside jawazat, you have to give them passport in order to avoid any mistake. The form is availlable online on moi ksa website download form here.

4. Submitting Required Documents to Jawazat:

Now after collecting all of required documents visit Jawazat office and get Token now wait for you turn, give all of these documents at counter.

  1. Arabic Filled application form for Iqama issuance
  2. Photos of Each Family Member/ Dependents
  3. Copy of Medical Reports
  4. Copy of Medical Insurance
  5. Family Copy of Passport and Visa
  6. 2 Sponsor Iqama Copies

Arrange all the documents and staple them properly. Pay the fee of iqama if your family member has age more than 18. After inspecting all of submitted documents officer will handle over you iqama of your family member or dependents.