how to fingerprint stc zain mobily

Communication and information Technology Commission (CITC) is a major supervisory body that handles all telecom operations in Saudi Arabia. As per decision of CITC and other security agencies and MOI Saudi Arabia fingerprint validation is must be required for customer of telecom operators Mobily, STC, ZAIN and all other telecom operators of Saudi Arabia. Now according to instruction all telecom companies MOBILY Zain and Stc required to align and implement the fingerprint registration system according to the new system. After announcement of CITC all companies of telecommunication in Saudi Arabia started to register their customers SIM cards for they started to setup separate desks in their stores, centers and branches. The decision was first take by moi ksa in order to prevent fraud and false use of SIM card within kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

how to fingerprint stc zain mobily

Fingerprint Registration at JAWAZAT(BASMAH)

Mobily Fingerprint Registration:

On mobily official website mobily stated that these fingerprints were taken to secure customers rights also in order to match his SIM information data with Saudi NIC data. Fingerprint is must for identity validation for SIM issuance. Fingerprinting is compulsory all of persons expatriates or residents and for all special persons for SIM registration. The service of fingerprint is free of cost

To submit your fingerprints the facility is available at all mobily stores and branches. Also in to mobily sales and points at their partners Extra Jarir Lulu Carrefour Othaim Emax Bindawood.

STC Fingerprint Registration:

STC started fingerprinting validation for their customers with slogan named “SAWA SIM with your Fingerprint” which means that SAWA STC sim only be issued after fingerprint validation of Customers existing STC subscribers would also have to activate their SIMS.

Those expatriates who enter in Saudi Arabia must have to register their fingerprint of their SIM with 15 days. Those who don’t have their sim on their name can transfer their SIM on their own name after registering finger print against sim.

The STC sim can be registered at Jarir library branches, ZAIN official centers and other fingerprint registration points.

ZAIN Fingerprint Registration:

Zain telecom KSA is third largest telecom operators also started finger print registration after the announcement of CITC. All Zain current and future customers must be registered their fingerprints by Visiting Zain Center. The registration of fingerprint were started from 21 January.