The new labour law kick start in Qatar from 13 December 2016 this really make the procedure to Change Jobs in Qatar lot more previous as compare to previous labour laws. The new document of Qatari Labour law is called Number 21 of 2015 which regulates Residency,  entry, and exit foreign workers. Changing job is a problem that almost every gulf expatriate is facing from years. Expats leaves try to leave their job if they didn’t like them but when they do that without informing their Employer they faces ban in Qatar it was 2 year Ban but now this ban is over.

The main and most advance feature of this law is CONTRACTS which give employer and employee a timeframe or a validity of Job.This means that if contract is 2 year employee no need to work for more than 2 year if he want to than he could renew or if not he can change job and get new resident card for another employer.Change sponsor Job in Qatar Procedure

There is no need to get approval from Employer in case the contract is ended but if the contract is still ongoing and employee want to change he should ask employer and concerned MOI and MOL to change his job. But it is lot more easy for employee to complete his contract and than move towards other job. Let see How in Qatar, Expatriate can Change his Job according to New Labour Laws 2017.

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First you must understand what is close ended contract also called limited contract and what is open ended also called unlimited contract.

The close ended contract is just a fixed term contract in which worker have to complete it service according to the years given in contract after the years of service completed he can change job or also renew his contract as well as move to its home country.

In case of open ended it is not fixed, employee can remain in job for years even more than 10 years, the maximum age will be 60 at which he could retired.

Changing Job in Fixed term/close end/limited contract:

  1. First of all employer must have replacement employee after you leave the job this is mandatory.
  2. Make your mind that you want to change the job after contract is expired
  3. According to law you have to submit application to MOL before 30 days of contract expiry date.
  4. Your Residency permit for current employee is must be valid for SIX months.
  5. For Sponsorship Transfer you must have to sumbit following Documents with application.

Copy of Applicant Passport with Valid RP

Copy of Computer Card(Only for company job change)

Copy of Id card of present and previous sponsor with id card of applicant(For Individual sponsor job change)

Copy of Valid Municipal license for the New employer

Death certificate in case of death of ex-sponsor and sharia procuration

NOC (No objection Certificate from Present Employer)

The above document requirements are for Sponsor Change for Secondment and part time see at the end of job change application.

Download the Job Change Application form
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6. Attach the all required documents with application form and submit it to Committee for Looking into Incomers’ Applications affiliated to General Directorate for Border Passports and Expatriate Affairs.

Al Dakhiliya Road, Street No. 910 Doha, Qatar Contact  44890423, 44864071,

Fee for Changing Job in Qatar:

If an employee changing the job for the first time individual sponsorship he have to Pay QR 1000 and for company sponsorship QR 2000.

For second time job change QR 2500 for companies, QR 1500 for individuals.

Third or more time job change QR 3000 for companies, QR 2000 for individuals.

Well this is the procedure for changing job in fixed term contract/close ended I’ll make another article on job change for expatriates having long term/open ended contract. Please comment below if you didn’t understand anything and suggestions will also be most welcomed.