Parking is just like a property now-a-days, in Saudi Arabia where traffic laws are strict and fines are high enough equal to monthly salary of employees. Still this not means that people might start following each and every traffic law, people whenever get opportunity they hide from authorities and do what they want. One of the main reason for wrong parking is shortage of space, people usually tries to block other cars and vehicles to park by putting hurdles on parking space so that they can park their own vehicles. People place stones and barriers to stop parking of other vehicle.

When drivers didn’t find the space for parking their car they tries to park where parking is not allowed, there is another option of paid parking which might not be used by everyone.

According to Riyadh Traffic Department Following parking are illegal:

Parking in places defined for persons with special needs while you are not from the category.

Not following precautions required when parking on public roads in emergencies.

Or wherever parking is not allowed by official authorities

The violation fines are fine are from SAR 100 to SAR 300 but always careful the fine for violation is Saudi Arabia is not fixed it might be high as 1000 Sar. There is no update for new wrong parking fines but one of our reader is fined by Saudi Muroor, fine of SAR 1000 for Parking of vehicle not reserved for parking(wrong Parking)

If you want to check your Traffic violation and fine online the procedure to check saudi traffic violations online.