Diversification in E-commerce and Online Shopping industry in Saudi Arabia boost the need of different online methods of payments, paypal is always top of them. You may thinking about how to use Paypal in Saudi Arabia how to connect paypal with bank if you’r a online shopper or merchant. Such a wide of usage of Internet, Paypal is now also a major need for Online Publishers who uses internet for earning purpose. Paypal registration is same for all MENA region So we put all the steps below which might help you to use paypal.

Paypal and Requirement:

Paypal is largest service in the world to provide facility of Online Transactions means registered person can pay and be paid online through internet. Funds can be directly transferred to paypa account through your own bank account or linked through credit card(MasterCard, Visa)

Paypal is a secure method of online transactions. Paypal doesn’t allow any crucial information sharing between sender or receiver.

Anyone can make free account on Paypal. Shoppers can register individual account and sellers can open business account according to their need. Paypal just cut charges from transactions.

Opening Paypal Account:

Paypal allows you to registered for each country separatly. For joining Paypal in Saudi Arabia Follow Paypal Saudi Arabia and enters all the details require to make paypal Account. Both individuals and Business users required to setup instrument from where they can withdraw balance.

To link Bank Account With paypal in Saudi Arabia you need to go Wallet option at the top menu of paypal dashboard

From Bank Accounts than LinkAfter that you need to select your bank from the list and provide online banking account cardinals such as username and password, if you successfully add bank account Paypal send a verfication amount of 1 $ to your account this transaction may take 1 to 4 days. After successful transaction you need to confirm that.

On last step paypal may ask you some questions on phone  by calling. Answer the questions and your account will be verified.

Linking Credit Card With Paypal:

After successful logging in to account and Activating account through Email you need to link Credit Card or Debit with you paypal account so that you can buy things online, to do this follow the guide below:

First login in to Paypal Account

Click  on Wallet located at top menu

Here click on a box saying Link A Card. Paypal gives options to link multiple Card.

Select Type of Card Debit, Prepaid, Credit than fill the details Card Number, Expiry date of card, CSC and give address.

Linking Sabb bank Account

Also Paypal transfers to Credit Cards not Debit Cards. and it takes 5 to 7 days to show on your bank statement

Some other bank supports paypal in Saudi Arabia are Bank Aljazeera(BAJ), Sabb bank.