Oman Resident Card Procedure

Oman resident card procedure

Royal Oman Police Directorate General of Civil Status is a primary body that handles and issues Oman ID card, Resident card, labour cards, marriage certificate, death and birth certificate and some more identification related services. Resident Card is an official proof that shows you as living in Oman this id make officially possible for you live in Oman territory. Resident card is fairly popular terms in all countries of Gulf and middle east. Expats gets a job do a job and live in respective country thus Resident ID is as crucial as your own visa and passport. ROP oman civil status states on his webpage that Each and every expatriates, working or not working must possess resident card as this is important for security term as well as for collecting statistics related to expat population with respect to official residents of oman. Mostly all new expat go through the process of Resident Card only the people who were on visit don’t require resident card I don’t know exactly.

How to Get Resident Card of Oman:

Resident Card is issued by ROP directorate of Civil Status: For any person who were travelling to Oman for work purposes must first get his employment/work visa than rest of things become really easy.Oman resident card procedure

Documents Required:

After medical examination you will get manpower form take copy and orginal of this form
Application form for residence card
Copy and orginal Orginal Passport with Visa Page
In case of renewal take original expired residence card


First Take Medical examination and fill manpower form get copies and original

Go to Typing center and fill Application form for residence card it may cost some fee

Go to DGSC office and give them all documents with application form the person may ask you for original passport but you have to submit copy of passport

RO 5 for 1 year and RO 10 for 2 years
RO 10 if residence card is lost
Fine in case of delay of Card renewal is 10RO for each month

Important Things: While giving a signature for Residence card keep handle pen firmly and write a clear signature. Photographs will also not blurred and unclear take out glasses while taking photographs.