Conditions to Issue NOC for selling Gold QATAR

NoC letter condition in Qatar for Gold selling

Few moment before Ministry of Interior Qatar MOI post a valuable information on their official facebook page about selling Gold in Qatar. That stated that from now MOI Qatar issues NOC (no objection Certificate) for those who want to sell their own Gold jewelry ornaments and other Gold made things. This NOC ensures the proper mechanism for selling Gold and also gives proper safety to personal belonging of people. Gold is a precious element by issuing NOC the process identities the exact owner of Gold hence improves security and in case of theft or misplace if any owner has its NOC issued can easily be identified.

The NOCs are available can be obtained from Public security departments of Qatar police that were (capital, Rayyan, North, South, Dukhan) as well as from Gold permits office located at Sauq WaqifNoC letter condition in Qatar for Gold selling

Requirements and Conditions for obtaining NOCs:

For Females Citizens:
1. Must have Gold that she want to sell at permit counter.
2. Purchase receipts of Gold
3. Show Original Qatar ID card for citizens and residents and Valid passport in case of expats or visitors.

For Male Citizens:
1. Produce the gold that were only belong to male first degree relatives(Sister, Mother, Wife, Grand Mother) and Second degree relatives (sister of father or mother) and shows the gold at permit counter for selling.
2. Show original ID card of Gold owner.
3. Purchase bills and receipts
4. In case of other Gold Gadgets like watches or coins must produce their purchase receipts, original ID card of owner, passport in case of visitor or expat.

Note: minimum age for issuance of permit is 18 years and fee of QAR 10 pay by using bank card.