List of Banks in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE

list of banks in uae

With place of 2nd largest economy among GCC countries after Saudi Arabia UAE enjoys huge amount of petroleum and gas reserves but part from them UAE successfully reduce his relay on oil income up to 25% because of heavy boost in other industries especially real estate and service industries. Bank in UAE are the part of mainstream economy of UAE they have powerful success rates both in capital and assets in UAE i can say banks are  always ready in case of any type of economic crises. In every country bank also play main role in employment same in UAE, Abu Dhabi and Dubai Banks can generate fair amount of jobs for both UAE residents and expatriates.

Banks in Dubai and Abu Dhabi: Both emirates have very strong population of business persons and employees all of them need banking services businesses used bank to give wages to his employees, get loans, credit cards etc and for indivitual especially expats use bank to transfer money to their home countries.list of banks in uae

List of Commercial Banks in UAE:

Banks usually are of 2 types commercial banks and representatvie banks that represent any other bank company in UAE.
Services Provided by Commercial Banks:
Accepting deposits
Giving business loans
Automobile loans
Mortgage lending
Basic investments such as
Savings accounts and certificates of deposit

1. ABN Amro Bank NV -(Retail Bank was taken over by ADCB)
2 Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
3 Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
4 Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait
5 Al Rafidain Bank No Website
6 Al Hilal Bank
7 Arab African International Bank
8 Arab Bank For Investment And Foreign Trade – Renamed as Al Masraf
9 Arab Bank PLC
10 Bank Melli Iran
11 Bank of Baroda
12 Bank of Sharjah
13 Bank Saderat Iran
14 Blom Bank France SA
15 Banque Du Caire
16 Calyon Bank
17 Al Khaliji France
18 BNP Paribas Bank
19 HSBC Bank Middle East
20 CitiBank NA
21 Commercial Bank International
22 Commercial Bank of Dubai
23 Dubai Islamic Bank
24 Dubai Bank PJSC – Has been taken over by Emirates NBD Group.
25 El Nilein Bank
26 Emirates NBD
27 Emirates Islamic Bank
28 First Gulf Bank
29 Habib Bank Limited
30 Habib Bank AG Zurich
31 Invest Bank
32 Janata Bank
33 Lloyds Bank TSB
34 Mashreq Bank
35 National Bank of Abu Dhabi
36 National Bank of Bahrain
37 National Bank of Fujairah
38 National Bank of Oman
39 National Bank of RAK
40 National Bank of UAQ
41 Noor Islamic Bank PJSC
42 Sharjah Islamic Bank
43 Standard Chartered Bank
44 Union National Bank
45 United Arab Bank
46 United Bank Limited
47 Barclays Bank
48 Doha Bank
Representative Offices
49 Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait
50 ED & F Investment Products Ltd.
51 ICICI Bank
52 Korea Exchange Bank
53 Standard Bank London Ltd.
54 Union Bancaire prive’e (CBI-TDB)
55 Westdeutche Landesbank

There  are many other banks in Dubai Banking sector we cover them in Future posts This list is fetched from central bank of emirates.