List of Visa On Arrival Professions Dubai, UAE

dubai visa on arrival professions

Any GCC residents or expatriates can get their visa whenever he arrived at Dubai through airport or by road but for this the person  must have eligible profession written on his Iqama, civil id or identity card. These professions sometimes create confusion in people minds and they don’t even know about their profession eligibility. Some of them take one profession as equal to other profession thus unable to get visa on arrival at Dubai Airport. Also on arrival visa is available only at airport of Dubai while by road you have to visit immigration office where you fill application form with fee of AED 225 for single entry visa we explain both of processes in some another post. Our today main topic is Profession of Visa on Arrival Let see what are these profession.

Those having GCC country Resident permit can get Visa on arrival on Following professions.

dubai visa on arrival professions

Dubai Visa On Arrival Professions:

1. Government Employees
2. Company Managers
3. Investors
4. Accountants
5. Administrative Monitors
6. Advisers
7. Airlines Employees
8. Architectural Draftsmans
9. Art Montages
10. Art Oil Wells
11. Auditors
12. Captains
13. Chemicals
14. Chemists
15. Computer Technicians
16. Computer Programmers
17. Contagious Programs
18. Directors
19. Doctors
20. Editors
21. Engineers
22. Experts
23. Experts in Economic Affairs
24. Exporters
25. Gas Technicians
26. Geologists
27. Importers
28. Inspectors
29. Institution Managers
30. Laboratory Technicians
31. Lawyers
32. Lecturers
33. Navigators
34. Nurse Specialists
35. Partners
36. Petroleum Technicians
37. Physicists
38. Pilots
39. Press
40. Purchase Managers
41. Purchase Persons
42. Radio Technicians
42. Ray Technicians
43. Researchers
44. Sales Managers
45. Sales Persons
46. Specialists
47. Special Teachers
48. Surveyors
49. System Analysts
50. Traders
51. Translators
52. Tv LCD LED Technicians
53. University Teachers Professors

Theses professions may varies in some cases but these professions are certainly must be eligible in case of any confusion contact your local UAE embassy or call on Dubai International Airport number +971-4-224-5555. If your profession is written in this list must not make it final decision until you contact to some responsible travel agency, embassy or immigration offices for confirmation.