CCHI Visitors Travel Health Insurance in Saudi Arabia

travel health insurance for visitor of saudi arabia

Council of cooperative Health Insurance CCHI Saudi Arabia approves a medical insurance for those who visits Saudi Arabia. CCHI gives coverage of SAR 100,000 for medical treatment to visitors. According to Arab News it is a new system which is in process for many year but now it is functional. The Medical Insurance for Visitor can cover variety of medical expenses includes medical test and examinations, diagnostics, treatments, medications, pregnancy, infant care and birth, emergency dental and dialysis. This insurance can also covers unnatural cases of injuries causes due to traffic accidents also processing of body of deceased person.

The exemptions for visitors health insurance were non urgent medical tests which were not so important can be done in visitors home country as well as those diseases that were occurs due to side effects of medicines venereal diseases, eyeglasses, hearing aids or electroacoustic devices and implants of organs.

If beneficiary want ┬áto cancel his her insurance document after entering in Kingdom than he don’t do so. He/she can cancel before entering in Saudi Arabia and can get all his payment back.

Just after entering in on time when application for insurance is approved visitor will be able to get benefits after 60 minutes. Also if visitor is already ill or have any medical condition cannot be entitled for the treatments under insurance policy.

CCHI officials said that we are studying policy mechanisms and there were almost 80 million visitors arrives in kingdom most of them were for hajj and umrah purposes.

Every beneficiary must pay fee before to get benefits from all the facilities provided under insurance. The project of health insurance for visitor is under study phase for almost 10 years and whenever it is time for implementation many obstacle were faced by CCHI to especially in management of expenses and health care network for remote area but after all constant afford it is operational now.