What to Do If Iqama is Lost or Stolen

iqama lost stolen in ksa

A nightmare is starts when you lost Iqama muqeem card or someone stole your personal things with iqama. Arabian gulf life tells you that what to do now is it any way to recover your iqama without having original iqama which is lost. We start examining some topics such as what things require to renew iqama how to avoid you card being stolen or lost also we discuss about detail procedure to make new iqama after theft or lost.

How to Avoid Iqama being lost or Stolen:

Always remember iqama/muqeem card and passport are really sensitive things do not take them unserious and just throw them any where always make a proper place in your home where you always put your card and tell your room mates not to disturb the place where you card is placed.

Also tries to make separate place for iqama card in your pocket whenever you go outside lot of things happened if someone want to snatch your purse if you put your iqama in purse they also take it with your purse. May Allah protect all of you from these people.

And remember to make 5 to 10 copies of iqama in case when your card is lost or stolen you have proof of it.iqama lost stolen in ksa

What are the fee and penalties:

As you lost your iqama it is time for you to face heavy fines and fees. Upon lost for first time you have to pay 1000 iqama fee on second time 2000 and third time 3000 SAR.

Try to contact police within 24 hours to avoid penalties. Police always tries to ignore you must contact sponsor in this case as well as tries to communicate with your country embassy they may also help you in this situation.

Must go through the detail article of ARAB news to see more about iqama stolen in Saudi Arabia.

How to get new Iqama:

After doing full work for finding iqama and still iqama is misplaced than report withing 24 hours to your sponsor to continue apply for new iqama.

See How to Renew iqama if expired

  1. First you have to make letter in Arabic in which all information related to iqama lost and stolen is clearly mentioned give the letter to sponsor or hr department.
  2. Company take this letter to Chamber of Commerce for attestation.
  3. No need for attestation if you company is public sector or state own enterprise.
  4. If iqama Valdity is one year or less than you have to pay fee of SAR 650 for iqama renewal also.
  5. Now its time to Visit Jawazat Office to get new iqama, for this a official person from your company can visit local Jawazat office  with Arabic Letter attested from Chamber of Commerce, two photograph of applicant, copy of lost iqama, copy of passport, Payment of fine 1000SAR with 650 SAR iqama fee and Application form for new iqama.