No More Unlimited Internet Plans in Saudi Arabia

The CITC( Communications and Information Technology Commission) make a decision for stopping sale of Unlimited Internet Packages. According to CITC decision the sale of unlimited internet plans will be stopped from next week. CITC also applied this to all service operators and informed to all sources.

In the first Phase of this decision it only implemented on Pre Paid cards, but this will not affected on any  billed or post-paid mobile packages, nor DSL services linked to fixed phone lines.

Use Home Country Sim in Saudi Arabia

The objective behind this action is to allot the use of network, in a result this will lower the pressure on Networks and enhance services for customers. But the main thing which causes this decision to Make is rise in network usage excedding global averages.

This decision is in focus from few days on Social Media lot of criticism debates were held on Social Media websites.

Regarding network operators, STC already take down his unlimited internet plans while Zain and Mobily still providing the plans.CITC to stop the sale of unlimited Internet cards

The Communications and Information Technology Commission has remained silent about the decision, in turn intensifying debates and discussions on social media.

Source: ArabNEWs