SR 5000 fine and 2 year Jail for Selling old car tires as New

Commercial Rules, According to Saudi Press Agency Ministry of Commerce and Investment said a fine in between SR 1000-5000 will be imposed on those who sell and commercialize old tires as new one. According to Arab News in many parts of kingdom people were warned not to sell old tires as new in case they get caught by Ministry of Commerce and Investment(MCI) Heavy fine of 5000 SR with 2 year in  Jail will be imposed on them.

MCI gives this warning universally and every company, institutions, and individual must follow the rules and be cooperative to MCI for catching of violates within kingdom. Other if any company caught cooperating with violating company than both could face legal action and penalties.

MCI main aim is to develop environment of positive Trading trends and reduce the phenomenon of commercial concealment and fraud. Making businesses free of fraud boosts customers confidence and to enable the citizens to do business

Any of citizen who  report  the fraud and commercial concealment to MCI with substantial proof. Those citizens who reports violation may get reward with amount not more  than 30 percent of collected fines.