How Many Times You Travel To Saudi Arabia? Check Online

Yet another great e service provided by MOI Absher Account. This service is called travel Records Information which means MOI saves all of your departures and arrival from Saudi Arabia in you MOI absher account. Hence at anytime if you have Abshir MOI account than you easily access all travel information in Saudi Arabia. This service gives date of travel, from where you exit,  Exit Carrier, Arrival Airport name, Arrival from, departure etc.

The method of getting this info is really easy to check the Travel info you need moi Absher Account Follow The Guide for Making New MOI Absher Accont:

How to Check Travel Record Information:

  1. Visit Ministry of Interior Saudi Arabia official website where you have to login to you MOI Absher account.
  2. After Entering in to Dashboard, from Main Menu click on “E-Services” after that drop down menu appears hover on passport. On right side click on Title of Travel Record Information.check-travel-record-information-online-on-moi-absher
  3. Once you click on Travel Record Information A new page will be opened with maximum 10 entries of Travel Record.
  4. You can search you flight or increase number of entries from 10 to 20 to see all of detail on One Page.