FRIENDI KSA Internet Plans and Settings

Friendi Mobile Internet Plans

Friendi Mobiles provides amazing network coverage all around Saudi Arabia, friendi gives you high quality calls and high speed internet over a 3.5g technology, 3.5g is five time faster than ordinary 3G hence gives you extra fast experience of using Internet. Also the plans were really easy to select and subscribe. Friendi provide you opportunity to keep you status online at any time. Friendi mobile is a company of Virgin Mobile Saudi Consourium and it is recognized as a best service with money saving. Friendi is also well known for its amazing prepaid plans for international calls as well as outstanding internet 3.5g with handy packages. To show which plans were provided by friendi I take a themĀ from friendi Official website so if you find any mistake please comment below so that i fix it.

FRiENDi Prepaid tariff plan

Friend Mobile Internet Packages:

Days Validity Prize(Saudi Riyal) Data Amount
1 1.99 30 MB
3 4.99 100 MB
7 10 200 MB
14 14.99 500 MB
30 19.99 750 MB
30 29.99 1 GB
30 49.99 2 GB

To activate the above packages there are several ways discuss below.

Friendi Mobile Internet Activation:

  1. First method to activate above plans by dialing *108# from where you could able to select above packages.
  2. Another ways is using online Mobile Account. To activate above package click here. If you don’t have account you could easily register a new account just by clicking register button.

NOTE: All above packages activate again automatically to stop the renewal dial *108#. To Check the remaining data dial *108# from you mobile phone. Also please note that if you don’t have above packages SR 15 Per MB will be charged for using internet.

Internet Setting of Friendi Mobile Internet:

Setting up mobile internet setting of friendi is really easy weather you have normal mobile phone or Smart phone(ANDROID/IOS) to set up internet setting in android. Go to settings>>Tab Mobile Networks>>Tap Access point Name>> Tap ADD NEW Here you put following things.

Name: friendimobile

APN: internet

Now after entering press OK and from MORE Tap Save. You successfully applied friendi Mobile Internet Setting hope you understand if not must give a response also see this video for more clear view for setting internet on friendi Mobile KSA.