NCB Al Ahli Transfer Money Through Quick Pay

Transferring hard earned cash to home country is a major concern for expat which they do after every month or at weekly basis, NCB Al Ahli Online provides a convenient option of Quick Pay through which NCB account holder can send money without visiting any ATM or branch. For accessing Quick pay bank customers need to regester with Al Ahli Online account the service is all time on and don’t requires to visit branch but some time if any problems occurs at Al Ahli Online system than it may take more time than normal.

Quick Pay NCB: Procedure to Send Money:

  1. After login in to Al Ahli Online under My Dashboard Click on Quick Pay and than click on add Beneficiary.
  2. Here you need to give information about beneficiary his bank account number, Delivery Type. You can also setup money gram pickup.
  3. After adding Beneficiary Again click on Quick pay and than Quick Pay Transfer.
  4. Now Click on Beneficiary Name and Set the amount as well as purpose transaction. Click OK
  5. Now Confirm the payment and than click OK.

At last you will get electronic receipt of transaction and reference number of that transaction with all other details. To get transaction history again go to quick pay.